A Black Woman's Podcast with Nikki Porcher

A Black Woman Conversation | Nashville

September 12, 2023 Nikki Porcher Season 4 Episode 3
A Black Woman's Podcast with Nikki Porcher
A Black Woman Conversation | Nashville
Show Notes

By now you've probably heard that Buy From A Black Woman just launched a research initiative aimed at gathering data that paints a true picture of how Black Women Business Owners are really doing. Our goal with A Black Woman Case Study is to capture data that accounts for the layered racism and sexism that we face, in order to reveal where support services are falling short, and what we really need help with and to what degree.

As a part of our research, we've been hosting community listening sessions and our first session was in Nashville, TN in July during the Buy From A Black WomanInspire Tour presented by H&M.

We were joined by Rhonda Cammon, owner of beverage company
Perfectly Cordial and local small business marketplace oneSHOP; Jessica Thompson, owner of boutique fitness studio getFIT615; Christina Landry, Chief Creative Officer of life coaching organization Clarify Your Calling University; and Shatiqua Jamerson of body care company It’s Plush.

I want to hear your voice too. Visit Buy From A Black Woman to take our survey! The first 250 people to complete the survey will get a free gift from Buy From A Black Woman. 

A Black Woman's Podcast is a production of Buy From A Black Woman. A Nonprofit Organization that educates, empowers and inspires Black Women Business Owners and the people who support them. We provide a number of educational tools and resources aid in ensuring that Black Women Business Owners not only start a business, but stay in business.

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